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Why Tin Foil Hat?

Recently, the so-called Covid "pandemic" has divided people into two camps: those who basically trust the mainstream media and politicians, and those who use alternative media and see and understand many things very differently. The different opinions on Covid have broken apart many old friendships and relationships, but often also created new ones. However, many people see themselves standing alone with their critical views on media and politics and are looking for like-minded friends or perhaps a partner. That can now easily be done at Tin Foil Hat, the free networking platform especially for wearers of the figurative (or real) tinfoil hat. ;)



You can chose whether you are looking for a partner, make new friends or both. In the users profile, you can see how many Covid jabs a person has had (if any), which conspiracy theories the other person has looked into, and can directly dive deeply into an exchange about them via the chat function. You can save your friends as favorites and easily find them again. But in the end it's about meeting in real life, maybe you can set up a meeting at a protest near you...



Privacy is very important to us. In order to protect the content of your chat messages from access by third parties, they are stored encrypted on our servers and only you know the key, which is your password. Nobody except for the 2 chat partners will be able to read your messages. Of course, communication with our servers takes place exclusively via 256-bit encrypted connections. You can report suspicious profiles. However, keep in mind that your profile information can be viewed by other members, but of course almost all of your profile information is provided by you on a voluntary basis.